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December 2023 Diversity Calendar Kit Distribution

Explore the Latest in Diversity and Inclusion with Microsoft and More!

November 2023 Diversity Calendar Kit: Unity in Diversity, Histories, and Traditions

October 2023 Diversity Calendar Kit Distribution

🚀Unlocking DEI Insights: Your Guide to Progress and Inclusion

September Diversity Calendar: Engage, Enlighten, and Unite

[Resend] August 2023 Diversity Calendar Kit: Voyage through a World of Differences

August 2023 Diversity Calendar Kit: Voyage through a World of Differences

July 2023 Diversity Calendar Kit: Embracing Diversity, Cultivating Unity, and Fostering Equality

Pride Around the Globe: Unite, Celebrate, and Champion LGBTQ+ Diversity

Diversity Calendar - June 2023 Diversity Events: Embrace, Learn and Connect

Embracing Diversity in May: Celebrating Heritage, Awareness, and Equality

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Diversity Calendar - April 2023 Newsletter

Diversity Calendar Kit

International Transgender Day of Visibility

Ride the Wave of Inclusivity: Revolutionizing Kitesurfing for All with Cutting-Edge Simulation Technology [Press Release]

The Remarkable Journey of Black Entrepreneurs

Breaking the Distance Barrier; Celebrating Ramadan

Who benefits from effective diversity training?

DEI Stories behind Oscar 2023 Winners

March 8 is International Women’s Day and Holi

Here's How Valentine's Day Is Celebrated Around the World

Cardiff barista training project aims to boost confidence

‘I Have a Dream’ is MLK’s most radical speech

The Complete Guide to handle Quid Pro Quo Harassment

2023 Hot Diversity and HR Trends