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You may be seeing a more ‘woke’ Santa this Christmas

Workers who tested 4-day workweek say they’ll never return to 5 days

Being a Superager could be our ultimate life goal

Buckingham Palace said “unacceptable and deeply regrettable”

Why is Age Diversity important?

‘I’m afraid to have children’: fear of an older future in Japan and South Korea

Disabled employee sues Twitter over Musk’s ban on remote work

How does the world celebrate Thanksgiving?

Is Linguistic Diversity Important?

How did the world celebrate Diwali this year? It was great!

Relational Diversity might make you happier

Digital Promise Awards First Edtech Provider to Receive New AI Product Certification

Everyone should know more about verbal harassment

What is Digital Equity?

Presence of Minorities, Women on Credit Union Boards leads to greater inclusion, growth

Blind people make airplane parts, and they’re good at it

A popular, award-winning TV news anchor is fired. Was it the hair? introduces Dost for Microsoft Teams

Why do you need a closer look at Underrepresented Talent?

Diversity-Training Firms Applaud Blocking of Florida’s ‘Stop Woke Act’

Gen Z: The workers who want it all

Facebook’s workforce grew more diverse when it embraced remote work

The fullness of diversity at work

Abortion Rights in the United States

Diversity Hiring in NFL

June is National Indigenous History Month

Wall Street spent hundreds of thousands backing anti-abortion lawmakers

June is LGBT+ Pride Month

Why We Need To Talk About Age And Aging In The Workplace

Canada – Gatineau police launch accelerated training program to increase officer diversity

Starbucks to nearly double spending with diverse suppliers by 2030

Diversity celebrations this week: Yom HaShoah, Laylat Al Qadr, Beltane

Microaggressions, diversity, and career advancement: Why Black workers are joining the Great Resignation

Good Friday, Passover, Easter

Pope Francis apologizes for residential schools at the Vatican: “I ask for God’s forgiveness”

Celebrating World Autism Awareness Day, World Health Day, Ramadan joins forces with Lever to help companies create inclusive talent marketing communications

What queer kids and their parents wish you’d teach your children about supporting LGBTQ peers

I have a disability, but you can’t see it

10 things you should know about disabilities and the people who have them

Happy Holi and Nowruz 2022

Critical Elements of Diversity Training Programs and Why They Matter

Ukraine LGBTQ Refugees Search for Safety in Countries Hostile to Their Rights

International Women’s Day: Women Making History Today In The Ukraine War

Why do Ecosystems Matter?

BAME acronym: UK broadcasters commit to avoiding catch-all term

National Survey: Most support workplace diversity but not if it’s a job qualification

Beijing Winter Olympic 2022 has Record Numbers Of Openly LGBTQ+ Athletes

Will Mindset Coaching help you to become more Successful? And more equitable?

Cultural Celebration: Lunar New Year is coming!

Social Impact Bond and Why invest?

You should consider LGBTQ+ Content in your Inclusive Marketing Strategy?

Celebrate Introverts on World Introvert Day